Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

Wise Warrior Gym Facilities & Equipment

The Wise Warrior Gym facility in Edmonton is the body of the organization. Understand what it can do and it becomes a very powerful asset in your Wise Warrior journey.

The Wise Warrior Gym is well equipped with all the training equipment required for skill development in all the subsystems of self-defense/personal protection and mixed martial arts.

The Wise Warrior Gym is a 2,700 square foot facility with 2 fully padded levels for training and a main lecture area for classroom learning. Our space is designed to accommodate multiple training programs in REAL Self Defense, Sport Combat Mixed Martial Arts, and Martial Art Lifestyle training. We also host various safety and security courses at our facility.

The Wise Warrior Gym is also outfitted with supplementary conditioning equipment to facilitate health, fitness and cross-fit training. Training equipment includes pull-up bar, pull-up rope, medicine balls, stability balls, battling rope, and a full array of dumbbells.

Our Training Equipment

Stand-up—Boxing, Kickboxing

For stand-up we have skipping ropes, double end ball/crazy ball, various heavy bags, focus pads and Muay Thai pads, and kicking shields to work our boxing, kickboxing, and personal protection stand-up systems.

Close Quarter Clinch and Ground Fighting/Grappling

For close quarter clinch we have B.O.B. (body opponent bag) to work the clinch combat positions and close quarter tools (head butts, clinch boxing, elbows and knees, etc.). For ground fighting, we have B.O.B., the heavy floor bag, and stability balls to work ground positions and tactics (ground and pound, jits with hits).

Weapons Combat—Single and Double Stick, Cane, Staff, Knife

For weapons combat we have heavy bags, tires and the tire dummy to train offensive stick striking.

Contact Training

All contact sparring is done in a SAFE and progressive manner. With safety always in mind, the Wise Warrior Gym requires all students to have all safety protection gear for stand-up, clinch, ground, and weapons. Although sparring is encouraged IT IS NOT MANDATORY, so the student may choose to participate or not.

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