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Starting your Journey - The Wise Warrior Journey... by Wow ( Wise Old Warrior)

Posted Jan 1st, 2016

Starting your Journey - The Wise Warrior Journey... by Wow ( Wise Old Warrior)

5 key reasons people start martial arts and self defense training shared with me over the years.

The Beginning… Starting the Journey, The MOST IMPORTANT STEP!

I have been instructing and coaching at the Wise Warrior Gym (formerly the REAL Self Defense Center) here in Edmonton for more than 20 years. Over the years I have become aware of the key areas that motivate people to decide and make the choice to begin the training journey. Here are some of the key reasons people have shared with me when they inquire about martial art and self-defense training.

Personal and family safety.
They are looking for REAL martial art and REAL self-defense training. They want to feel safer and feel they could effectively deal with confrontation or a violent situation.

Fitness and health.
They want to get back into shape, have more energy, and feel good about their health.

They are bored of the mundane repetitiveness of the weight training, cardio machines etc... They are looking for a more enjoyable way of getting fit

Martial art enthusiast.
The have been involved with martial art and want to start again or they never trained in martial art before but have always wanted to start.

Martial art–warrior ship lifestyle.
They embrace the philosophical, attitudinal idea of living warrior ship lifestyle.

None of the above motivations and reasons is better than the other. Anyone who has been involved with the martial art for a while will have discovered that their motivations have changed several times. I will write on each of these key start up reasons in future blogs. Knowing your reasons are important because they help pick your direction and shape your journey. . . But. . .

In spite of your reasons STARTING the JOURNEY is the  MOST IMPORTANT STEP!

The contest lasts for moments
Though the training’s taken years

It wasn’t the winning alone that was worth the work and the tears

The applause will be forgotten
The prize will be misplaced

But the long hard hours of practice
Will never be a waste

For in trying to win you build a skill
You learn that winning depends on will

You never grow by how much you win
You only grow by how much you put in

So any new challenge you’ve just begun put forth your best and you’ve already won       

___W.A. Clennan

When asked: "What’s the best fitness program for you?" Wow (Wise old warrior) says… "The one that you do."

Wow says: "The most important thing is to show up."

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