Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Wise Warrior Gym, we want you to make informed decisions about where you decide to train in Martial Arts and why. To address any concerns you may have, here are the most common questions we have been asked over the past 20 years.


We understand that the first visit to a new gym can be intimidating for some. From the moment you walk in the door of the Wise Warrior Gym, you will feel comfortable and encouraged every step of your training journey.

I am out of shape… do I have to be fit to join the classes?

No, not at all. Whatever program you choose or class you get involved with, everyone progresses at their own pace and level. You will get fit by participating in the training, and we will show you how every class.

I feel uncoordinated… what if I look goofy and clumsy trying to learn the techniques?

This is a common concern, but we have a saying, "Don't let ego dictate your training." Your skill development will improve quickly with our safe, graduated, progressive training approach which accommodates beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. A person needs small victories to experience success and our coaches will assist and guide you every step of the way.

I can't stand all the tough guys and gym jerks with ego… what is your gym atmosphere like?

At the entrance to the training area we have a sign that says, “ Like your shoes, Please leave your ego at the door." At the Wise Warrior Gym you will find no idiots, *#%holes, or jerks. We have a relaxed, inviting student attitude and gym atmosphere. We train to learn and to have fun.

Will I be the only woman in the class?

Although the percentage of women in class can be smaller, the Wise Warrior Gym does have many female students. We are very community-minded with an inclusive attitude that is comfortable for men and women, youth to mature. We strongly welcome and encourage women to get involved.

Can I watch a class first?

Yes, you can watch or try out several classes before making your decision. Your next step is to give us a call and book a time to come down to the gym for a free gym tour, personal program consultation, and trial class. This is always the best next step because that you can check out the facility, instructors, teaching methodology, student attitude and gym atmosphere.


I am afraid of getting injured…is the training safe?

Safety is always number one. We are aware that injury is a possibility with all sports and physical training, so we build safety in with a SMART attitude and a progressive, graduated and SAFE training approach. Safety is emphasized to student and coach alike, and each member of our coaching team learns our safety-first, progressive training approach through our ongoing in-house coaching program.

Coming To Class

I’m bored of my routine at the gym… will this be any different?

Yes, while getting in the best shape of your life, you will also be learning and refining your skills each class. The challenge, continuous learning, and variety makes for an engaging training experience. Your membership gives you access to our full spectrum of dynamic training in REAL Self Defense, Sport Combat – MMA, or Weapons Combat. You can focus on one program or choose to mix it up. We have so much to offer you will never get bored.

Do I have to compete in tournaments or in the ring or cage?

No, not at all. The students who choose to compete in tournaments and fight in MMA events are well-prepared and successful. However, most of our students train because they are martial arts enthusiasts, want to get into great shape, have other training goals, and love being involved with the gym and our community.

What size are the classes?

The class size ranges from 8 to 20 people. Whatever the class size there is a primary lead coach with 1 or 2 extra coaches or advanced students to assist in the teaching. Although the lead primary coach is running the class our community class spirit facilitates an environment where everyone is assisting everyone.

What do I wear? What do I bring?

Wear comfortable training gym attire. Wear long sleeve or full T-shirt (no muscle shirts). You can go bare feet or bring clean indoor gym approved training shoes / runners. Bring a personal water bottle. All other program specific training attire and equipment will be explained to you as you progress in your program and training. At the Wise Warrior Gym we stress a clean gym facility and personal cleanliness and hygiene.

Start your Wise Warrior journey. Call us to schedule a free gym tour and class!