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Hard Target Introduction Program – Get Started in Self Defense

The perfect place to start. Become a Hard Target for crime with this essential introduction to self defense every citizen needs. Even total beginners can learn quickly and effectively.

Hard Target self defense in Edmonton

Hard Target Introduction Program

Become a Hard Target for crime in our welcoming, community-spirited training environment. 

We recognize that stepping into self defense training can be intimidating. We will walk you through our REAL Self Defense fundamentals to bring you to a high level of preparedness in the most safe, graduated, and direct way possible.

The Introduction Program includes a full-day seminar for total beginners plus trial classes in our ongoing core training.

We teach information and techniques effective for security, law enforcement, and human services professionals but designed for a citizen's perspective.

Who takes the Hard Target Introduction Program?

  • Complete beginners looking for short-term training in thorough and effective self defense
  • Individuals interested in a trial introduction before becoming Wise Warrior members
  • Those with a martial arts background looking for real-world self defense
  • Men, women, and youth looking for a new activity for fitness, confidence, fun, and practical skills
  • Individuals experiencing a current or potential threat to their safety
  • Families that want to train together and stay safe together

What does the Hard Target Introduction Program include?

This short-term training is adaptable to a wide variety of scenarios and equips you to deal with a broad range of personal protection concerns. Our intro program includes:

  • The award-winning Hard Target seminar (full day seminar)
  • Three weeks access to REAL Self Defense classes from our ongoing core program
  • Key protection principles and strategies that are essential for physical safety
  • Offensive and defensive skills and drills
  • Also includes 1 free MMA-S3 class, for those who want to trial another engaging route to self defense

Our program is taught with our unique and effective training methodology, because we know it's not just WHAT you learn: HOW you train is essential.

Monthly with a flexible start date

Who Can Join
Adults and youth, co-ed
All fitness levels

Length of Program
One full day seminar and 3 weeks full access to REAL self defense classes (also includes 1 free MMA trial class)

How to Participate
Advanced registration is required.

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REAL Tactics that Translate into REAL Protection

  • Essential physical techniques: Easy-to-learn, user-friendly, & work well under pressure.
  • Enhance instinct and awareness: A conflict avoided is a conflict won.
  • Use your environment: Defend yourself without even throwing a punch.
  • Verbal de-escalation and defusing: Persuade them to talk, get them to walk.
  • Specific self defense legalities: Physically defend yourself responsibly and ethically.
  • And... you'll have a ton of fun while learning!

Get Started & Save: Please contact us for more information on our introduction self defense offer.

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