Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

Belt Ranks for REAL Self Defense - Wise Warrior Gym Edmonton Alberta

Posted Sep 17th, 2016

A basic explanation of the five ranks and belts for REAL Self Defense at the Wise Warrior Gym.

This ranking system is for tracking the student's increasing levels of technical knowledge and practical skill in the realm of self-defence as taught though the Wise Warrior Gym. While REAL Self Defense classes have no official uniform, the belt is occasionally worn during evaluations or for special gatherings where ranks and belts are awarded.

Students in REAL Self Defense receive a white, double-wrap obi belt. The color rank of the belt is determined by a 2-inch wide bar that wraps around the entire width of the belt and placed one inch from the end. The standard W.W.G. color progression applies.

White Belt:  novice student and new to self-defence classes
Blue Belt:    student has completed all six modules one time
Green Belt: student has completed all six modules twice
Brown Belt: student has completed all six modules three times

Experts in REAL Self Defense can earn a black-belt equivalent which is represented by a crimson, double-wrap obi belt. A Red Belt will understand the functionality of all self-defence techniques and principles and be able to perform them with expertise.

Red Belt: promoted when the practitioner has completed more than 3 cycles of all six modules.

In theory a practitioner can earn a Red Belt within 2 years with consistent attendance and excellent performance in class.

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