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Belt Ranks for Weapons Combat - Wise Warrior Gym Edmonton Alberta

Posted Sep 17th, 2016

A basic explanation of the five ranks and patches for Functional Sport Combat at the Wise Warrior Gym.

This ranking system is for tracking the student's increasing levels of technical knowledge and practical skill in the realm of weapons combat. While classes have no official uniform, the patch may be worn during evaluations or for special gatherings where ranks and belts are awarded. At Wise Warrior Gym Functional Weapons-Combat is defined as Alive, armed fighting in all three phases Stand-Up, Clinch and Ground.

There are three colored patches a student must earn before being awarded a Black Belt Patch. The patches follow the W.W.G. color progression, blue, green, brown and black/red.

Blue Patch: basic weapons training / limited mixed martial arts training

Green Patch: intermediate weapons training / basic mixed martial arts training

Brown Patch: advanced weapons training / intermediate mixed martial arts training

Experts in mixed martial arts can earn a Black-Belt which is represented by a black colored, double-wrap obi belt.

Black Belt Patch: expert at weapons combat and advanced unarmed mixed martial arts skills

When a practitioner can be considered an expert at functional sport-combat and mixed martial arts, the head-coach may award a Black Belt Patch.

In theory a student can earn a Brown Patch within 5 years with consistent attendance and excellent performance in class.

Patches are awarded every 12 to 18 months. A patch can be spontaneously awarded at any time to a student though the everyday observation of the coach. Actual formal performance testing conducted by the Wise Warrior Gym coaches is the other method of obtaining colored ranks.

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