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Stick-Fencing in Edmonton Alberta at Wise Warrior Gym

Posted Nov 9th, 2016 in News

This unique method of Stick-Fencing at Wise Warrior Gym safely tests the student's stick-fighting ability.


Anyone who brings (or borrows) basic weapon sparring equipment:

  • padded baton or stick
  • head protection and face mask
  • hand protection for the hand gripping the stick

Stick-Fencing Equipment


Stick-Fencing is a type of combat-skill isolation sparring. That is, sparring using a limited skill-set and specific guidelines to develop a certain aspect of stick-fighting.


To develop five important aspects of baton-versus-baton combat:

  1. Priority Mindset: striking your opponent on the high-line (skull, face, neck) before you are struck on the high-line
  2. Parry Weapon: deflect incoming attacks with your baton
  3. Dodge: use footwork to avoid being struck on the hands, arms, legs, torso or head
  4. Time Awareness: efficiency it relates to your pacing and stamina
  5. Environment Awarness: using ringmanship to escape or corner your attacker


  • Fighter Red: fighter with red baton
  • Fighter Black: fighter with black baton
  • Referee: to give commands for safety & fairplay, announce points, signal beginning of match, announce start of 1-minute round and the end of match
  • Timekeeper: to start the clock for a single 1-minute round of sparring AFTER a head-shot has been scored by one (or both) fighters


Stick-Fencing Sparring Area


Each Fighter stands ready at the far side of the green Start Zone and waits for the Referee to audibly begin the match. Both fighters are now allowed to leave the Start Zone and can now occupy the blue Sparring Area. The fighters are allowed to strike ALL their opponent's targets.

The round-timer is not activated and NO POINTS are awarded to either Fighter until a Head-Shot is scored. The first Fighter to land a meaningful & clean strike to his opponent's high-line targets:

  • signifies the start of a 1-minute round to the Timekeeper
  • awards that fighter an instant score of 10-points

NOTE: an immediate counterstrike to the high-line of Attacker in response to being struck on high-line, scores 10-points to BOTH Fighters.

The round begins after the head-shot has been scored. Subsequent strikes anywhere on either fighter score 1-Point. A Fighter may award his opponent 1-point by fowl or penalty listed below:

  • leaving the blue Sparring Area, into the red Stop Area border causing a reset (stepping out of bounds)
  • dropping the stick or being disarmed
  • engaging in a prolonged clinch and refusing to separate
  • failing to obey commands of the Referee
  • ineffective continuous use of Off-Hand to obstruct opponent
  • using limbs besides the weapon-hand to attack
  • not entering the green Start Area immediately following a reset

Points are informal and used just as a guide of your own progress. If a Fighter has an overwhelming lead in points, it is an indicator that the opponent needs to work on Stick-Fencing to improve this skill set.

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