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Announcing MMA-S3: Summer Program at the Wise Warrior Gym

Posted Jul 4th, 2017 in News

We're excited to announce our special summer training at the Wise Warrior Gym for July and August. Introducing MMA-S3, Mixed Martial Arts - Street Sport Solutions, bridging the world of sport combat and real-world self defense.

Every summer we go off-road from the regular yearly schedule and create special summer programs. This summer, join us for our new MMA S3 (Street Sport Solutions) program where you'll learn to put together effective techniques with direct crossover to real-world self defense and personal protection. Join the men and women, teens and adults of all ages who have already signed up. This program is open to beginner through advanced students of all fitness levels.

MMA street sport solutions, summer 2017 training at the Wise Warrior Gym

Mixed Martial Arts - Street Sport Solutions

Here's what you'll learn in MMA-S3:

  • Street striking system:
    • Escape and evasion footwork and striking (best way to not be hit is to not be there!)
    • Untouchables defense- not being hit in close-quarter range
  • Clinch combat
    • Learn clinch position body-mapping, striking, and throws
    • Devastating knee strikes (the women I've taught over the years have mastered and become especially fond of these defense tactics!)
  • Ground control
    • Positional dominance on the ground
    • Ground and Pound striking system
    • Mastering chokes
  • What else is going on this summer?
    • Learn to use weapons for defense - we have an additional ongoing weapons class this summer as part of our MMA S3 program
    • Our unique Martial Arts for the Mind functional philosophy program - now running weekly throughout the summer

How can you get involved?

Training is available 5x/week in July and August for members and drop-in. To get involved, contact us for a Gym Tour and free class. See you there!

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