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FREE Women's Self Defense Seminar in Edmonton: November 19th

Posted Nov 7th, 2017 in News

Join Wise Warrior Gym partnering with fodada for this FREE women's self defense event, empowering and protecting women across the globe with safety awareness and training.

Wise Warrior Gym is partnering with fodada for their 6th International Women's Self Defense Day.

In the past five years, fodada's International Women’s Self-Defense Day has joined communities and tens of thousands of women from across 14 countries and 40 US cities to receive this free 1-2 hour program on self-defense, awareness, and safety.

This course will be taught by Wise Warrior Gym's expert instructors and will cover safety awareness, crime prevention, and functional physical tactics.

Men and women, please spread the word and gather your female friends and family members together for this fun and empowering community event.

Space is limited! Register as soon as possible at fodada.com.*

fodada and Wise Warrior Gym 2017 event poster

*Please note, fodada is holding their event on the 18th as indicated on their website, but we will be hosting our seminar on the 19th. Proceed with registration on fodada's website and you will be added to our event on November 19th.

Contact us with any questions.

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