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Citizen's Protection: REAL Self Defense Module 01

Posted May 2nd, 2018 in News

The REAL Self Defense, 8-hour Citizen's Protection Certification Course is the ultimate plan for dealing with confrontation and violence.

  • Mind Set – enhancing awareness, internal warning radar, threat recognition, fear management and the legalities of defending yourself from attack.
  • Environmental Tactics – use your surroundings for defense though terrain advantage, found improvised weapons, shields and barriers.
  • Verbal Tactics – negotiating talking postures, defusing situations verbally and surprise attack set-ups.
  • Physical Protection Tactics – that are easy to perform, adaptable and function under pressure of threat. Intercept tactics, holding positions and counter– techniques against empty-handed attacks.

This individual training module is part of an ongoing, functional personal protection and Officer & Security series.

WHERE: Wise Warrior Gym  • 12832 141-street NW, Edmonton AB T5L 4N8
WHEN: Mondays  •  8:00pm – 9:30pm
WHO: Calen Paine  •  780–667–9911
COST: first class is always FREE OF CHARGE

For 20 years Wise Warrior Gym® has provided the province of Alberta with comprehensive and functional conflict resolution and self defense training. The overriding philosophy presented in every REAL Self Defense™ module is to use alert awareness and verbal de-escalation to avoid or escape a confrontation before it can intensify to physical violence. Specific legalities of defending yourself are emphasized throughout the training process. Each of the six certification programs are presented in a 6 month cycle and are self-contained 8-hour modules that will benefit the student independent of the other training modules.

Citizen's Protection & Weapons Safe DVD Sets

Now a 5 DVD set! CIT–PRO is the foundational empty-hand self defense training program that instructs you how to enhanced your security and safety with core principles, practical strategies and the techniques to prevent real world violence. You will learn to enhance your awareness, how to verbally diffuse a situation to avoid confrontation and the functional physical skills needed to deal with violent aggression then get to safety.

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