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June Special Events & Seminars

Posted Jun 4th, 2018 in News

June Special Events & Seminars

Don't miss our 2 guest instructors this month: Edmonton's own expert Rick Wilson, and Straight Blast Gym's BJJ black-belt Ray Price from Reno, Nevada. Plus, check out our other June events.

Special Events & Seminars

Rick Wilson Knife Defense Seminar

Saturday June 9 (9am-5pm) & Sunday June 10 (9am-5pm)

There are masters in your own backyard, and Rick Wilson is certainly one of them when it comes to self defense. Register in advance for Rick's knife defense seminar by contacting wilson@wpd-rc.com.

Hard Target Self Defense Seminar

Saturday June 16 (9am-3pm)

Become a hard target for crime with our award-winning self defense seminar. Learn tactics that are functional, user-friendly, and effective under pressure. Sign up for the Hard Target Introduction program to take part in the seminar, plus 3 group classes. Youth and families welcome.

BJJ Seminar with SBGi Black Belt Ray Price

Saturday June 23 (10am-3pm) & Sunday June 24 (9am-12pm)
Ray Price is a veteran law enforcement member, a self-defense expert with ISR Matrix, and a firearms expert. He refers to his BJJ as "sloth jits": a slow and low, offensive, tight and technical, heavy game. Ray favors perfect technique over strength and speed, as demonstrated in his thoughtful and qualitative instruction.
Private lessons with Coach Ray are available upon request, as are single day purchases for the seminar. You DO NOT want to miss this opportunity to train with one of SBG’s best black belts! Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Coming Up In July

Introducing Our Summer Theme: Fight Club!

July & August

Fight Club classes have historically been a student favourite, as well as the most effective way to take combative skills to a new level. Now we're introducing a Fight Club Summer, 2 months that are all about sparring, rolling, and throwing down. Training is SAFE & progressive, and ALL experience levels are welcome!

Martial Arts & Crafts

Date: TBA

A special seminar for weapons enthusiasts. Build your own replica nunchucks and then learn how to use them like Bruce Lee in our first Martial Arts & Crafts event!

Regular Classes & Programs

Martial Arts for the Mind

June Topics:

  • Cultivating deeper self-awareness and further practice in the Coming Home meditation.
  • Memento Mori, latin for "Remember that you have to die" is a reminder of our mortality. This topic is all about becoming time aware, time-tracking, and life as precious practice.

REAL Self Defense

Beginning in June, new Ground Zero Defense module, for preventing the fight from going to the ground, and what to do if it does.

Mixed Martial Arts – Street Sport Solutions

Ongoing curriculum in stand-up, clinch, and ground. Plus, BJJ CompTeam with Coach Davy, for students interested in competing in tournaments.

Kids Class

Kids learn functional self defense and MMA with Coach Kyla through play, games, and drills.

Check out our calendar for monthly events, or contact us for the weekly class schedule.

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