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July & August: Fight Club Summer is here!

Posted Jun 28th, 2018 in News

Every summer we go off-road, off-map from our regular curriculum and design a special summer theme. This year it's FIGHT CLUB. Fight Club is for everyone, total beginners and advanced students alike.

Fight Club Summer

Fight Club was one of our most popular and enjoyable classes in the past. Students learned to take their combative skills and put them into real-time application through sparring, wrestling, and rolling with a partner. NOTHING will boost your skill level for functional effectiveness like this format of training. Many students and coaches will attest to this.

The idea of Fight Club may conjure up images of bare-knuckle boxing in back alleys, like in the movie. But our Fight Club uses all safety equipment, and training is SAFE, graduated, and progressive.

Fight Club is for everyone. All levels will experience accelerated skill development while having a blast this summer.

Summer Sign-Up Special

Bring a buddy and throw down with us for Fight Club Summer

New members: Pay $247+gst for access to every class on the schedule for July & August
Bring a Buddy: Bring a buddy and pay $197 each, or bring 2 buddies and each person pays $150 for summer membership.

Special Events & Seminars

Ballistic 3 Seminar: Certification Course

Saturday July 21 – Sunday July 22 (10am - 4pm)

  • Presented by Alberta Self Defence Academy
  • Material includes: Core covers, striking, takedowns, multiple attackers, 360 degree awareness, and how to fight standing, kneeling, sitting, and on your back
  • No prior training needed. All skill and fitness levels welcome.
  • Bonus Class: Pre-registered participants only will have a bonus class of Eric Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling on Friday, July 20th, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Give Calen a call at 780-667-9911 for questions and registration.

Regular Classes & Programs

Hard Target Introduction Program

Upcoming seminar dates: Sunday July 15, 9am-3pm & Saturday August 18, 9am-3pm
  • Short-term training in self-defense. Includes 3 group classes and the award-winning Hard Target seminar
  • Summer participants get to be a part of Fight Club Summer and will enjoy a safe, graduated, and fun way to practice defensive tactics for functional learning.

You can register online to reserve your spot.

Martial Arts for the Mind

  • Theme: Communication & Relationship
  • Relating and communicating effectively with other people is one of the most important arenas in life. It's also one of the most potentially difficult and frustrating ones. MA4M brings a unique approach to this theme over the summer.
  • Presented in a 30-60 minute class format with communication exercises and follow-up check-in classes.

Summer dates & times are TBD and will be announced throughout July & August.

REAL Self Defense

Starting July, get ready for Fight Club Self Defense running Wednesday evenings. The regular class schedule will resume in September.

Mixed Martial Arts – Street Sport Solutions

Fight Club MMA classes run Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday in the daytime for July and August.

Kids Class

Kids learn functional self defense and MMA with Coach Kyla through play, games, and drills. Kids classes will be ongoing through July and August.

Check out our calendar for monthly events, or contact us for the weekly class schedule.

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