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October News & Announcements

Posted Oct 2nd, 2018

Check out October's seminars and events, including a lecture on the Psychology of Self Defense, plus the next installment in our Well-Being, Health & Fitness seminar series: Core Engagement for Optimal Posture, Breathing & Bracing.

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October Seminars & Special Events

TRI-Systems Lecture: Psychology of Self Defense

Wednesday October 3 (6:30 – 8:30 pm)

  • Presented by Coach Ryan Lawless from Untapped: Physical Culture
  • System 0, Part 2: Anti-Mindset, Unpacking Fears, & Setting Goals to Overcome Obstacles
  • This lecture will take place instead of REAL Self Defense class on October 3rd
  • Free lecture. Members & non-Members welcome

Hard Target Self Defense Seminar

Saturday October 20 (9 am – 3 pm)

  • Our monthly self defense seminar. Part of the Hard Target Introduction Program
  • Register online

Core Engagement: Posture, Breathing & Bracing

Saturday October 27 (1:30 – 3 pm)

  • Presented by Coach Marc Roy, Personal Training Specialist
  • Get aligned with optimal posture, breathing, and bracing for your every day life with fundamental core exercises
  • Benefits include relaxation and de-stressing, strength, balance, alleviating back pain, and much more
  • The 2nd in our Well-Being Health & Fitness seminar series running once per month this Fall
  • $20. Register in advance. Open to members and non-members

Contact us or give Calen a call at 780-667-9911 for questions.

Regular Classes & Programs

Hard Target Introduction Program:

Short-term training in self-defense

Upcoming seminar date: Saturday October 20, 9am-3pm

  • Includes 3 weeks of full access to REAL Self Defense classes
  • Our award-winning Hard Target seminar
  • PLUS 1 free MMA class

You can register online to reserve your spot.

Martial Arts for the Mind:

October Dates TBA

  • Theme: Part 4 of Communication & Relationship
  • Feelings, oh those f*%ing feelings! Emotional management when used in communication, and hearing feelings & needs.

REAL Self Defense:

We are starting Module 2 Ground Zero Defense: When the fight goes to the ground.

  • Anti-clinch: If he can't get a hold of you, he can't take you down
  • Grounded Superior: When you're up and the attacker is down
  • Grounded Inferior: You're down and the attacker is standing
  • Grounded: Both yourself & attacker are on the ground

Mixed Martial Arts – Street Sport Solutions: 

Good news: look out for a schedule change this month that includes more grappling each week. Ongoing curriculum in weapons, stand-up, clinch, and ground.

Little Warriors Kids Class: 

Kids learn functional self defense and MMA with Coach Kyla through play, games, and drills. Kids classes are once per week on Wednesday evenings.


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