Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

October News & Announcements

Posted Oct 2nd, 2018

Check out October's seminars and events, including a lecture on the Psychology of Self Defense, plus the next installment in our Well-Being, Health & Fitness seminar series: Core Engagement for Optimal Posture, Breathing & Bracing.

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October Seminars & Special Events

TRI-Systems Lecture: Psychology of Self Defense

Wednesday October 3 (6:30 – 8:30 pm)

  • Presented by Coach Ryan Lawless from Untapped: Physical Culture
  • System 0, Part 2: Anti-Mindset, Unpacking Fears, & Setting Goals to Overcome Obstacles
  • This lecture will take place instead of REAL Self Defense class on October 3rd
  • Free lecture. Members & non-Members welcome

Hard Target Self Defense Seminar

Saturday October 20 (9 am – 3 pm)

  • Our monthly self defense seminar. Part of the Hard Target Introduction Program
  • Register online

Core Engagement: Posture, Breathing & Bracing

Saturday October 27 (1:30 – 3 pm)

  • Presented by Coach Marc Roy, Personal Training Specialist
  • Get aligned with optimal posture, breathing, and bracing for your every day life with fundamental core exercises
  • Benefits include relaxation and de-stressing, strength, balance, alleviating back pain, and much more
  • The 2nd in our Well-Being Health & Fitness seminar series running once per month this Fall
  • $20. Register in advance. Open to members and non-members

Contact us or give Calen a call at 780-667-9911 for questions.

Regular Classes & Programs

Hard Target Introduction Program:

Short-term training in self-defense

Upcoming seminar date: Saturday October 20, 9am-3pm

  • Includes 3 weeks of full access to REAL Self Defense classes
  • Our award-winning Hard Target seminar
  • PLUS 1 free MMA class

You can register online to reserve your spot.

Martial Arts for the Mind:

October Dates TBA

  • Theme: Part 4 of Communication & Relationship
  • Feelings, oh those f*%ing feelings! Emotional management when used in communication, and hearing feelings & needs.

REAL Self Defense:

We are starting Module 2 Ground Zero Defense: When the fight goes to the ground.

  • Anti-clinch: If he can't get a hold of you, he can't take you down
  • Grounded Superior: When you're up and the attacker is down
  • Grounded Inferior: You're down and the attacker is standing
  • Grounded: Both yourself & attacker are on the ground

Mixed Martial Arts – Street Sport Solutions: 

Good news: look out for a schedule change this month that includes more grappling each week. Ongoing curriculum in weapons, stand-up, clinch, and ground.

Little Warriors Kids Class: 

Kids learn functional self defense and MMA with Coach Kyla through play, games, and drills. Kids classes are once per week on Wednesday evenings.

Start your Wise Warrior journey. Call us to schedule a free gym tour and class!