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February 2019 Seminars & Special Events

Posted Feb 7th, 2019 in News

This month, become a hard target for crime with our Hard Target Self Defense seminar. Take advantage of early-bird pricing with a special workshop that will give you a tool for life. Plus, find out the theme of our annual Warrior Banquet!

Hard Target Self Defense Seminar
Saturday February 16 (9 am – 3 pm)

Our award-winning self defense seminar for citizens. Part of the Hard Target Introduction Program

  • Hard Target Introduction includes 3 weeks of access to REAL Self Defense classes, the Hard Target seminar, plus a trial MMA class.
  • Register online
  • Give Coach Calen a call at 780-667-9911 for questions.

Pirate Flag

2nd Annual Wise Warrior Banquet:
Saturday February 23 (4pm – Midnight)

We are coming together for food, performances, and martial arts entertainment with our annual banquet. We will be handing out belts and awards and celebrating student achievements.

Last year our warrior theme was Vikings. This year our theme is Dark List Pirates! The Dark List is a concept that originates back to the early days of the Wise Warrior Gym to symbolize a community where underdogs band together.

  • Bring yourself and/or your family out for some food and fun. Tickets are $20.
  • Please reserve your ticket(s) ASAP, as spots are limited.

Massage balls for fascial ball rolling

Roll Back Time:
Fascial Ball Rolling Workshop
Sunday February 24 (1:30 – 5pm)

Members and non-members welcome!

Add this tool to your well-being, health & fitness toolbox, and you can use it for life: Keep your muscles healthy and happy with Fascial Ball Rolling presented by Janice Kalyta, RMT.

You may not be aware, but we all hold a tremendous amount of tension and stress in our legs and feet.

Here is a quick test. The next time you are standing in the kitchen washing dishes, stop and feel your legs... I can almost guarantee that you are standing with your legs tight and you are clenching or squeezing your cheeks together! These muscles are so overused and tight, they have forgotten how to function properly.

Overworked and exhausted muscles left un­checked create further pain and discomfort down the road:

  • lower back pain
  • knee pain
  • hip pain
  • numb or tingling feet
  • swelling in the feet or lower legs

Ignored pain creates injury. Once this ‘pain cycle’ begins, the healing process could take weeks, months or longer.

Get Maximum Results Using Fascial Ball Rolling
Rolling is not as simple as just taking any ball and rolling around on it. You will learn specific techniques for maximum results, including:

  • How to engage each muscle's tissue
  • Discover what the target areas are of each of the muscles you are rolling out
  • Learn to feel the difference by rolling correctly
  • Realize how a 10 min rolling session can make a huge difference, and more
  • Some of the Benefits of Learning How to Properly Roll Your Legs and Feet:
  • ease of movement
  • better blood flow to your lower legs and feet
  • better flexibility
  • get better sleep and less achy when rising
  • roll back time and like you're young again! ... ok, only so much a ball can do about that. But come see how rolling can be a game changer.

Exclusive Offer for Early Bird Registration

  • Workshop price is $179. Register by February 16 and pay $89.
  • Plus, discount available for fascial balls
  • To register, please email Janice Kalyta at mhmtkalyta@gmail.com or call 780­-619­-6109.

Check out what participants had to say:

"...after rolling one foot, it feels like it is wider than the other one; now my foot has greater contact with the floor!" 
– J Krossa­Wong CSEP­CPT, NASM­CES

"I feel more open and expanded in my feet and legs. I feel like dancing. I feel lighter! Thank you!" 
– M Russell

“Janice has a wealth of personal knowledge from her own real life experiences, as well as her education and practice as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist ­assuring you are in good hands during the workshop. I appreciate that Janice looks at each person individually and assists each student when needed... but doesn’t do the work for them.” 
– M Tessmer

Contact us or give Calen a call at 780-667-9911 for questions.
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