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June 2019: BJJ seminar recap, events, and prepping for our upcoming summer theme

Posted Jun 6th, 2019 in News

Ray Price, Straight Blast Gym Black Belt, left us with some leading BJJ tips for top game positional dominance. We love the never-ending advancement that allows us to continually refine our students' sport combat. Plus, check out upcoming self defense and Wise Warrior events in Edmonton and our new Summer Theme.

Ray Price Black Belt BJJ Seminar: Recap

Look ma, no hands! Ray Price leading seminar participants in an isolated drill on weight management for BJJ top game.

Ray Price leading a BJJ drill at Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

Big thank you to Ray Price for making another journey North from Reno to Edmonton. Everyone's top game went up a level within just 2 days.

Although it's always better to be there in person to gain a wealth of individual learning and shifts, don't worry if you missed out: We don't hide the secrets we learn. We always share!

Ray always leaves us with, not a box of static techniques, but a living template of material that we can continue to use and drill--and I'm looking forward to applying it all to our coaching approach at the gym.

As for June events, read on for this month's classes and events, plus, check out our summer theme being introduced this July and August.

-Calen Paine

P.S. You can see more pictures from the seminar on Facebook

June Seminars & Special Events

Martial Arts for the Mind Lectures
Wednesday June 12 & June 26 (8 pm – 9:30 pm)

Our functional philosophy Martial Arts for the Mind program

  • Topics include: Going deeper and further with Coming Home practice; The Human Design – Identifying and discovering your original state; Dealing with the Ego – Territory of Whoville and the Emotional Entity
  • Newcomers always welcome. Classes are included in membership or $20 drop-in for non-members

Hard Target Self Defense Seminar
Saturday June 22 (9 am – 3 pm)

  • Become a hard target for crime with our award-winning, one-day self defense seminar
  • 100% of participants felt more confident, empowered, and prepared to defend themselves after taking this training
  • Learn More

Fascial Ball Rolling Series with Janice Kalyta, RMT
Friday June 21 (7 pm – 9 pm)
Sunday June 23 (10:30 am – 12:30 pm)

Note: Janice has added a 2nd session time for June.

  • Add ball rolling technique to your health and rehab toolbox with Janice Kalyta of Magic Hands Human & K-9 Therapy
  • Learn how to properly engage the fascia to release tension and stress throughout your body
  • Beginners welcome. Great for athletes and non-athletes alike.


Summer Theme & Summer Schedule
July & August

Every summer we go off-road, off-map from the regular schedule and introduce a special summer theme!

  • MMA Summer Theme: Ground 'n' Pound
  • Learn to strike your way into clinch, take your opponent to the ground and lock them down, and learn how to strike from a dominant, grounded position.
  • Self Defense Summer Theme: Everyday Warrior - Everyday Defense
  • We will be drawing from the core of all 6 modules of our ongoing REAL Self Defense and streamlining them into an integrated system for the everyday warrior. PLUS: Brand new information in vehicle defense.
  • Weapon's class: We will have a focus on training with the staff and axe.
Stay tuned for the updated summer schedule.

Contact us or give Calen a call at 780-667-9911 for questions and registration.
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