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July & August: Summer Sign-Up Special

Posted Jun 26th, 2019 in News

We're rolling out brand-new curriculum for our Summer Theme: Ground 'n' Pound. Learn what to do when a fight goes close-quarter or goes to the ground. This training is not just for MMA enthusiasts but for real-world civilian defense. It's also excellent for subject control & restraint for security and law enforcement.

martial arts and self defense summer program in Edmonton

Ground 'n' Pound
July & August Sign-Up Special

For beginners to advanced students.
SAFE, graduated training. Progress at your own pace and level.

Sign up special: $229 for 2 months and access to all classes on the schedule.
Registration: Call Calen at 780-667-9911 or submit an inquiry

Summer Program Overview

Clinch Combat/Control-Restraint & Ground Fighting Training for...MMA enthusiasts, Civilian self defense, Security Professionals & LEO 

  • CLINCH ENTRIES: Defensive & offensive entries, shooting in
  • CLINCH CONTROL: Control position & body mapping/TRANSITIONS, break falls & rolls, sweeps, trips & takedowns
  • CLINCH STRIKING: Knees, dirty boxing, “Sneak Shot Artist” striking,
  • GROUND COMBAT: Ground position movement/transitions, top game positional dominance, bottom game guard control
  • GROUND 'N' POUND: A-Game striking, “Sneak Shot Artist” striking & Down n’ Dirty ground fighting
  • GROUND DISENGAGING: Tactical Get Up, getting back to stand-up

Course will include:

  • Relevant warm ups
  • Lots & loads of technique drilling & practice
  • Aliveness training, pressure drills for functional application

Class Times

  • Class times Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 6:30 to 8:30pm
  • And Saturdays, 11am to 1pm

July & August
Seminars & Events

Pekiti Tirsia Kali Seminar
Wednesday July 10 & July 17 (6 pm – 9 pm)

  • Learn Kali weapons training from one of the legends in the field
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students welcome
  • See poster below for cost and registration information

Kali weapons seminar in Edmonton July 2019

Hard Target Self Defense Seminar
Saturday July 20 (9 am – 3 pm)
Saturday August 17 (9 am – 3 pm)

  • Become a hard target for crime with our award-winning, one-day self defense seminar
  • 100% of participants felt more confident, empowered, and prepared to defend themselves after taking this training
  • Advanced registration required
  • Learn More

Martial Arts for the Mind Lectures
Summer Dates TBD (8 pm – 9:30 pm)

  • Our functional philosophy Martial Arts for the Mind program
  • Newcomers always welcome
  • Classes are included in membership or $20 drop-in for non-members

Contact us or give Calen a call at 780-667-9911 for questions and registration.
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