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November 2019: Free Women's Self Defense Seminar

Posted Nov 6th, 2019 in News

Check out our November events!

Ladies, please join us for FREE self defense in honour of fodada's International Women's Self Defense Day. We are representing Edmonton in this global event on Saturday November 23.

Wise Warrior Gym transformed into Pirate Tavern for banquet

Free Women's Self Defense Seminar!

November is always an exciting month: We're participating for a 3rd year in fodada's 8th Annual International Women's Self Defense Day!

Around the globe, tens of thousands of women come together to attend these free events on self defense, empowerment, awareness, and safety.

Wise Warrior Gym is hosting a free 2-hour seminar on Saturday November 23, 9am-11am

Visit fodada to register before spaces fill up!

November Seminars & Special Events

Hard Target Self Defense Seminar
Saturday November 9 (9 am – 3 pm)

Fascial Ball Rolling Series
 Sunday November 17 (11 am – 1 pm)

  • Last month's "Roll Back Time" workshop with Janice Kaylta, RMT of Magic Hands Human & K-9 Therapy was extremely valuable for rehab and maintenance. It gave attendees fundamentals and tools they can use for life
  • This month we are introducing an ongoing series
  • Beginners welcome. Great for athletes and non-athletes alike.

8th Fodada International Women’s Only Self Defense
Saturday November 23: 9 AM - 11 AM

  • Free self defense for women to raise awareness around the globe about protecting women and the importance of empowerment.
  • Advanced registration is required on the fodada website. Spaces fill up quickly!

Contact us or give Calen a call at 780-667-9911 for questions and registration.
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