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Wise Warrior trainers and coaches in Edmonton use our unique training methodology and a focus on your development to help you become a well-rounded, effective martial arts practitioner. 

Calen Paine, Owner & Operator of Wise Warrior Gym, Edmonton

Calen Paine | Owner & Head Coach

One thing that sets Calen apart from other instructors is his expert ability to take information from a wide variety of sources and organize it into one of the most effective, functional, progressive learning and training systems to be found anywhere.

Calen Paine has participated in over 150 seminars and he continues to round out his training with continuous personal advancement, development, psychology, coaching and communications workshops. By conservative estimates, Calen has logged over 19,000 hours of teaching time, not to mention countless hours of personal training plus unceasing research and development.

Calen holds instructor level certificates in multiple martial art and self-defense systems. These include 2 systems in filipino martial arts, elite level in S.M.A.R.T. self defense, Instructor Human Services Crisis Prevention and Intervention.

Click here (PDF file) for a partial list of Coach Calen's certifications and credentials.

Calen Paine has been featured in...

­  DAVE - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program Lead - with WWG since 2015 

Coach Orr's main areas of focus are Jiu-Jitsu and Kali. Growing up as part of a martial arts family (his father was a Shotokan Karate-Do instructor) his training began early, circa 1970, and has continued on to this day.

As a lifetime student of the martial arts, he has pursued personal skill development, amassed a competition record and is now training the next generation of students. At Wise Warrior Gym, Dave is known as the walking encyclopedia of martial art techniques. Students always benefit from his inexhaustible knowledge base and the attention to detail he brings to each technique.
Outside of the martial arts, Dave is an avid strength trainer and has become a certified Master Trainer under the High Intensity University organization. Reading and amassing knowledge (information junky) balances out his physical pursuits so as not to be a uni-dimensional person.

His other roles at the gym include:
- Kali Weapon Combat Coach
- Muay Thai Kickboxing Coac

­  DAVY MARTEL - Self Defense Program Lead - with WWG since 2006 

He has been training martial arts and self-defence for 20 years. Coach Davy has logged well over 2600 hours of training and countless hours of teaching for outreach programs, private-lessons and group classes during his tenure at the Gym. A lightweight (< 155 lbs.) constantly matched against stronger and larger adversaries, he always proves the functional effectiveness of the W.W.G. personal protection & fighting methods. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ENTIRE RESUME & BIOGRAPHY

His other roles at the gym include:
- Facility Operations Chief
- Media, Marketing & Graphics Consultant
- Community Outreach Liaison
- WWG Competition Team Assistant Coach
- RuRonin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Apprentice Coach

­  KYLA - Children's Program Lead - with WWG since 2012

Coach Kyla started with self defence at Wise Warrior Gym and soon found herself participating in ground fighting and MMA. She has also attended many seminars along the way to continue enhancing her martial arts knowledge. With no previous background in formal fighting, the fun of the challenge and reward has kept her around, and she now shares her skills and knowledge with others as a coach.

From weapons to clinch, Kyla is always up for some fun with old and new friends at the gym. She is always happy to help others with their learning and techniques and is always looking to advance herself and refine her skills. When she isn’t training, Kyla enjoys riding her motorcycle and camping in the summertime. There isn't much reason to miss training in the winter.

She really enjoys coaching Kid's Class at Wise Warrior Gym, a program she created in 2016. No one wants to coach the kids more than Kyla. She is always excited about creating programs and activities, and the kids love it too! She is no stranger to the arts being frustrating and challenging at times, however keeps this out of the kids class. She is dedicated to creating nothing but a positive experience for the kids.

Her other roles at the gym include:
- Facility Operations Assistant
- Children's WWG Competition Team Coach
- RuRonin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Apprentice Coach

­  ADAM - MMA Assistant Coach - with WWG since 2013 

Coach Adam has been training in martial arts since childhood and has earned belts in various systems of karate, MMA and kickboxing. He also teaches self defense, karate and various private lessons.

He is always scouring the martial arts universe and bringing functional and innovative insights to the programs at Wise Warrior Gym. He enjoys seeing how other people view training and techniques because it helps him learn more about the martial arts itself. As a coach, he enjoys seeing students working hard and becoming stronger and more competent as they train. He especially enjoys seeing the transformation in students, not just physically, but in personality and mentality as well.

Adam’s personal philosophy is to always seek the truth. Always be sincere and honest. And always try to think outside the box if the box holds you back.

In his free time, Adam likes reading articles and non-fiction books on topics like politics, culture, and sociology. He also enjoys watching anime. Usually about martial arts. And reading comics. Usually about martial arts.

­  CHAD - Martial Arts Coach - with WWG since 2008 

Chad began his martial arts training at the age of 11 and now holds instructor-level certifications across a variety of systems in martial arts and law enforcement. He has been with a provincial law enforcement agency for over a decade, and started the Alberta Self Defence Academy in Edmonton. He teaches Ballistic 3 Close Quarters Self Defence. He is the only representative of this system in Canada. He also teaches kickboxing, grappling, urban weapons training and ground fighting through a self-created system called Evolution Combat Systems. He brings his many years of experience, a valuable perspective as a law enforcement officer, and a passion for martial arts to Wise Warrior Gym.
What Chad most enjoys about coaching is supplying students with the same passion and determination for the martial sciences. He once coached a friend who ended up being attacked outside of her car. She fought using the skills she was taught, to the point that the bad guy actually had to push her away so he could escape. There is no greater compliment a coach can receive than knowing the skills he taught saved a life and prevented a crime.
Outside of martial arts, Chad also has a passion for firearms training. He has competed and placed in the top 10 in over half a dozen 3-Gun Competitions in Alberta. He continues to compete. Among the stresses of life and work, fighting and training, Chad finds his peace by watching his daughter Kallie (named after the Philipino martial art of stick and knife fighting) dance and play.

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