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Davy Martel

#coachDavyM has been involved with Wise Warrior Gym since 2006 and has been training martial arts and self-defence for 20 years.

Instructor and Coach

February 2006 – July 2018

A lightweight (< 155 lbs.) constantly matched against stronger and larger adversaries, coach Davy always proves the functional effectiveness of the W.W.G. personal protection & fighting methods. During his tenure at Wise Warrior Gym coach Davy has logged well over 2600 hours of training time in addition to countless hours of teaching for outreach programs, private-lessons and group classes at the facility.

Dave Martel, Instructor & Coach at Wise Warrior Gym, Edmonton @coachDavyM

  • It isn't enough to know what to teach or how to coach. The curriculum must be a roadmap to understanding and the drills must be the vehicle to improved performance.
    - Davy M, Coach & Instructor

Davy Martel – Experience & Credentials

Straight Blast Gym International – Level 1 Instructor
February 2012 - Present
As taught by S.B.G. vice-president Travis Davison of SBG Montana

I.S.R. Matrix: Arrest & Control – Subject Control Instructor
June 2007 - November 2016
Liaison teaching to develop further understanding of the system and training approach. Introducing people to "Intercept, Stabilize and Resolve" via end user training sessions. isrmatrix.com

Group Fitness Instructor: Specialist – City of Edmonton
2012 - Present
Teaching self-defence & kickboxing to adults and children ages 6–13. Click here to register: Kung Fu Pandas.

Children's Mixed Martial Arts Program – E.A.S.C.A
2011 - 2012
Self-defense & M.M.A. skills for Edmonton After School Care Association at both Meadowlark and Afton locations.

Head of Security – Vancouver Marriott Downtown Hotel
2006 - 2007
For Sensor Protection Group Ltd. Completed Marrott 'At-Your-Service' agent training.

Police Academy – Private Security Program
June 2006
B.S.T. (Security Training License) required by the province of British Columbia for work with Sensor Protection Group Ltd. offered though the Justice Institute of B.C.

• Standard First-Aid with C.P.R. Level C-A.E.D. - 2012
• Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course - 2006
• Firearms License: Possession & Acquisition - 2006

Davy also has experience in other martial art and self-defense systems including firearms training, C.Q.B., kung–fu, kenpo, karate and Southeast Asian fighting methods such as muay Thai and kali weapons.

Close Quarters Management/Manoeuvres (CQM²): Jr. Instructor
2002-2007 – Next Level Sparring Club with Cory Watt

Close Quarters Modern Weapons (CQMW) Jr. Instructor
2002-2007 – Next Level Sparring Club with Cory Watt

Modern Arnis/Kali & Renegade Jeet Kune Do (N.S.I. and J.K.D.)
2005-2007 – Natural Spirit International under Datu Kelly S. Worden with Cory Watt and Randy King

Kickboxing & Muay Thai G.B.K.
2005-2007 – YEGKick-Fit under Gasper "Boom-Boom" Bonomo

S.M.A.R.T. Defense and Tactical Options long-gun, pistol, armed, unarmed
2005-2006 – Rising-Sun Tactical under Mike McGuire and Dianne Cooper

Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJitsu & Goshin-Jitsu
2006 – Sadhana Dojo under Shihan Michael Seamark

Griffin Defense Wing-Chun (Ving-Tsun Athletic Association)
2002-2005 – under Robert Griffin

Moo Chuan-Fa (Moo Kempo Karate Association) Brown Belt
1998-2002 – under Mark (Smith) Atkin

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