Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

Little Warriors– Functional Self Defense & Sport Combat FOR KIDS!

Our Little Warriors learn real-world skills through practical play, games, and FUN. Enhance your child's self-confidence and street smarts with our kid-friendly REAL Self Defense and functional Mixed Martial Arts.

Little Warriors: Functional Self Defense & Sport Combat for Kids

Since our first kids program taught in 1995 we have taught hundreds of kids as well as presented our "Bully-Proofing" seminars in schools throughout Alberta. We teach a combined self defense and sport program for kids emphasizing real-world functionalitysafety, and fun.

Your child will have the opportunity to learn a new sport that gives them fitness, fun, and valuable life skills, while potentially opening the door to a new passion. Martial Arts has so much to offer students of all ages and is a lifelong practice for many.

Designed for a Kid's Perspective

  • We train SAFELY
  • Kids learn to recognize and handle dangerous scenarios
  • Practical strategies and proven real world self defense skills 
  • Learning through play and games
  • Our environment is safe, encouraging and fun
  • Promotes movement, fitness, physical coordination & dexterity
  • Engages growing minds
  • Builds self-esteem, enhances confidence and empowers your child
  • More peace of mind for parents

Weekly classes

Who Can Join
Suitable for approximately elementary age group. Call to confirm for kids older or younger.

Length of Program
Ongoing classes with open enrollment

How to Participate
Kids membership available with discount for 2+ children

Also available

Contact Us to Join


Prepare your child for the most common scenarios such as confrontation with bullies, being encroached upon by strangers, escaping grabs, and defense against striking.

Your child will learn to recognize danger, quickly identify potential abductors, and use a trained course of action to help control the outcome of confrontations.

Training is adapted from our highly refined curriculum in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense, and Mixed Martial Arts: Includes verbal defusing strategies and confrontation resolution. Children learn to use their environment and their whole self—mind, body, and voice—to stay safe.

Skills are fun, easy-to-learn, and immediately applicable to real life.

Character Development for Growing Minds

It is part of our guiding philosophy to foster each student's personal development via our martial arts and self defense systems. Little Warriors provides structure and challenge that empowers children both physically and mentally.

Your child will learn self confidence and self respect, along with social skills, cooperation, and respect for others.

While having a blast in class, children also learn to follow instruction and use their training appropriately and responsibly while working with others.

Dynamic Movement for Growing Bodies

In Little Warriors, your child learns a multi-disciplinary system of martial arts, including Mixed Martial Arts with kid-friendly versions of stand-up, clinch (wrestling) and ground skills.

Mixed Martial Arts is unique among sports when it comes to building healthy, agile bodies for youth or adults.

Most other fitness activities are composed of a limited range of movements like standing, punching, kicking, running. But MMA has a greater range of dynamic movement for your child, promoting greater mobility, agility, balance, strength, and cardio.

Why Little Warriors?

Most martial arts methods require years of practice (and often boring repetition) before the student can competently utilize the skills for self defense in a real-world situation.

There are also martial arts methods that do not use practical skills, or they employ teaching methods that do not translate into functional, real-world self defense.

In Little Warriors, your child learns real world martial arts skills that work in pressure-tested, real-life situations. FAST! Your child is safer and you have more peace of mind.

Is Little Warriors a fit for my child? Set up a free trial class to find out.

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