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Martial Arts for the Mind – Personal Development & Functional Philosophy

Martial Arts for the Mind is our down-to-earth, one-of-a-kind, functional philosophy program. Cultivate awareness, navigate challenges and stresses, and learn warriorship concepts for your modern life. 

Mind & Body Martial Arts, Wise Warrior Gym, Edmonton

Martial Arts for the Mind & Awareness Path Lecture Series

Why Martial Arts for the Mind?

Have you ever heard the phrase, you are your own worst enemy

Along with sport combat and physical self defense, Wise Warrior Gym concentrates on another very important area of self defense... defense against the SELF. After all, the battle you face most often is the one inside yourself.

Martial Arts for the Mind is a down-to-earth, one-of-a-kind program designed to functionally help you cultivate self-awareness and claim conscious control of your life for more stress management, personal self-mastery, and increased peace and clarity.

What does it mean to be a modern-day warrior?

There is a tradition within the Martial Arts of combat, athleticism, and discipline. But warriorship extends beyond physical training to mental and emotional self improvement.

Martial Arts for the mind aims to answer the question: How do you bring concepts of warriorship into day-to-day living?

  • Discover deeper purposes in warrior combative training
  • Develop a greater understanding of your mental and emotional self
  • Discover simple tools for managing the stress in your life
  • Cultivate an introspective and contemplative lifestyle
  • Use keen, encompassing awareness to design life your way
  • Gain peace of mind and develop a sense of purpose

Who attends Martial Arts for the Mind?

  • From young adults to older adults
  • Anyone interested in becoming more aware of themselves and their mental and emotional territory
  • Those feeling stuck in life, dealing with breakdowns and challenges, or looking to manage stress
  • Growth-minded individuals interested in personal development and philosophy
  • Anyone seeking more inner balance, peace, and personal self-mastery

Curriculum includes topics such as: Defining the Wise Warrior, The Human Design, Cultivating Awareness, Decisions & Choices, Breakdowns to Breakthroughs, and Ready Set GOal.

Program Information

Twice per month

Who Can Join
Older youth and adults with an interest in personal growth

Length of Program
Ongoing throughout the year

How to Participate
Membership or drop-in punch pass

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Martial Arts for the Mind is a lecture-format class running regularly twice per month. It is also available as a personal development seminar or seminar series for organizations and businesses. Become the Wise Warrior.

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