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Mixed Martial Arts Training – Sport Combat Classes in Edmonton

We offer complete Mixed Martial Arts training in Edmonton. Take your skills, confidence and fitness to a whole new level with our functional Sport Combat classes.

MMA Sport Combat Training, Edmonton, Wise Warrior Gym

Mixed Martial Arts – Street Sport Solutions (MMA-S³)

Ongoing Group Classes

Most people think of the UFC when they hear “MMA." But the reality is you don’t have to jump in the ring or the cage or be a professional athlete. Most people participate because they love the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Our Mixed Martial Arts Street Sport Solutions (MMA S³) program is an excellent fit for the beginner and seasoned athlete alike, and features street-sport crossover unique to Wise Warrior Gym to give you an advantage on and off the mats.

Who takes Mixed Martial Arts – Street Sport Solutions?

The short answer? Everyone.

Our MMA-S³ classes are appropriate for all fitness and skill levels, as training is done at your own pace and level. We make MMA accessible to everyone and encourage all who are interested to get involved.

  • Experienced martial art enthusiasts coming from an MMA or other martial art background
  • Individuals with zero experience, bored of conventional workouts and routines
  • Aspiring MMA fighters with an interest in competing
  • Women, men, and youth looking for self defense skills, fitness, and confidence
  • Anyone who's ever thought about doing MMA but didn't know where to start

We are proud to have an inclusive community spirit and positive environment at the Wise Warrior Gym while offering exceptional MMA training in Edmonton.

The Wise Warrior Approach

Sport AND street functionality

Our expanded definition of Mixed Martial Arts includes attention to Life, Street, AND Sport aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. Self defense crossover is integrated into our MMA S³ training, and we’ll show you how to functionally cross the skills over to "street," or real-world self-defense.

Steady progress to help you evolve to advanced levels

All of our programs have training curriculum that is broken down into belts/ranks, modules/themes and have a corresponding support manual. Our expert coaches and unique training methodology provide students with personalized support to help you build a strong foundation and continue to evolve into advanced levels.

Unique “Aliveness” Training Methodology

You’ll experience non-scripted, dynamic training with a resisting partner. Aliveness is the only way for the student to have authenticity in their training and develop functional skills.

Classes run 5 days a week
9 different classes to choose from

Who Can Join
Adults and youth, co-ed
Beginner to advanced
All fitness levels

Length of Program
On-going throughout the year

How to Participate
Membership or drop-in punch pass

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Wise Warrior Gym's MMA-S³ Features:

Stand Up

Includes: Offensive sport and street striking systems (punching, kicking, and knees), close-quarter striking, defensive footwork and mobility, bodywork (slipping, bobbing, weaving), handwork (parry, covers, shields)

Clinch Combat

Includes: Clinch entries, shells and ranges, clinch positions, body-mapping, take-downs, throws, striking, clinch with cloth control

Grappling and Ground Fighting

Includes: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), positional dominance and control, positional transitions on the ground, escapes, Ground & Pound striking system, submissions, chokes & locks

Weapons Combat

We offer separate weapons classes. Weapons training is a fun & functional fitness tool for coordination and a great enhancement to Self Defense and Sport combat.

Includes: Stick (staff, cane or walking stick, single & double baton, pocket stick),  blade (machete, tactical folders, fixed blade), projectiles & the art of throwing, and long-range and close-quarter weapons combat

Get into great shape and learn cool stuff. We train hard, we train for functionality, and we have a blast while doing it.

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