Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

REAL Self Defense Program – Functional Self Defense Classes in Edmonton

Whether you have a current safety concern or just want to be expertly prepared, our coaches will help you take charge of your safety with our unrivaled REAL Self Defense classes and training.

REAL Self Defense Core Program

Ongoing Group Classes

Our REAL Self Defense is based on over 20 years of refinement and continual development. We emphasize real-world functionality and a safe, graduated, progressive training approach. We cover the full-spectrum of personal protection in a fun and lively training environment, giving you the competence and confidence to effectively defend yourself.

Who takes REAL Self Defense classes?

  • Citizens with specific or general safety concerns
  • Individuals who want to be equipped to confidently defend themselves & their families
  • Law enforcement, security personnel or other professionals with occupational risks to personal safety
  • Youth & adults preparing to travel abroad
  • Beginner to advanced martial artists looking to enhance their skills
  • Individuals or families looking for a fun way to challenge themselves while learning valuable life skills


Most martial art methods require years of practice before you can competently perform the techniques to defend yourself. Our unique "Aliveness" training eliminates boring repetition and helps you master skills faster. What you learn in a class you will be able to perform functionally, drill-by-drill, class-by-class. Our classes bring you to a high level of preparedness in the most safe, progressive and direct way possible.

Beyond physical tactics

As an overriding philosophy, you will be taught to use alert awareness and verbal de-escalation to avoid or escape a confrontation before it can escalate to physical violence. Specific legalities of defending yourself are emphasized throughout the training process.

Weekly classes

Who Can Join
Adults and youth, co-ed Beginner to advanced
All fitness levels

Length of Program
Six modules that rotate on a 6-month cycle.

It does not matter which module you start with. Jump in at any time.

How to Participate
Membership or drop-in punch pass

Also available

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REAL Self Defense Classes: Module Overview


Foundational unarmed self-defense

CIT–PRO Level One is the foundational empty-hand self defense training program that teaches how to enhance your security and safety with core principles, practical strategies, and techniques to prevent real world violence. You will learn to enhance your awareness, verbally diffuse scenarios to avoid confrontation, and the functional physical skills needed to deal with violent aggression then get to safety.


When the fight goes to the ground

Fighting from the floor is an essential component of any reality-based self defense program. This module covers three key perspectives: a superior standing position when your opponent is down and you need to keep him grounded, an inferior grounded position when you need to protect yourself and stand up safely, and an equal position when both yourself and the attacker are grounded and you must fight your way from the floor and get to safety.


Defending yourself against impact weapon and blade

What do you do during a real world weapon attack when you do not have the weapon? You must be aware of the reality of the two most common weapons of opportunity: the knife and the club. You will learn how to strategically use your environment to avoid being struck or stabbed. This program also teaches functional tactics for intercepting and holding positions for stabilizing the armed attacker, plus how to counter the threat of the weapon.


Defense against group assaults

One of the most dangerous situations is being attacked by a group when you are alone. M.A.D. will teach you to detect the potential for a mass attack set-up and avoid group encroachment and ambush. Use features of your environment for barriers and shields, learn maneuver tactics that position you to fight one attacker at a time, and minimize physical injury and regain a standing posture if knocked to the ground. Our training will prepare you to endure the mauling pressure of several attackers within both open and confined spaces and to persist until you have escaped to safety.


Using the tactical flashlight, collapsible baton, and knife for defense

In some scenarios, your attackers may be armed or present a situation which legally justifies your use of a weapon for your self-defense. You will learn to use common items in your surroundings as improvised weapons to protect yourself. Plus, our coaches will teach you to safely handle and defend yourself with weapons carried with you such as a cane, collapsible baton, and tactical folding knife. Our unique “Flash-Bang” system will present the legally justified and practical option of employing various types of tactical flashlights for armed defense.

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