Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

About REAL Self Defense Classes & Seminars in Edmonton

Since 1995, our REAL Self Defense programs have served the Edmonton and Alberta community with comprehensive, functional conflict management and personal protection training.

Why Choose REAL Self Defense?

With over 20 years of research, experience, and refinement, the Wise Warrior Gym is an established leader in self defense in the community. As self defense specialists and enthusiasts, it is our pleasure to bring you functional skills delivered through effective teaching methods and fun classes.

We don't promote a martial art or martial style in REAL Self Defense or waste time with useless, antiquated techniques. We focus only on teaching thorough, functional personal protection. We have tried-and-tested, no-nonsense, simple and direct techniques for protection in the real world.

Effective, Real-World Self Defense

 Self defense is more than just physical techniques. Expand your idea of what it means to be effective and safe at every stage of confrontation, in a variety of scenarios.

  • ENHANCE YOUR AWARENESS: A fight avoided is a fight won. Evaluate your routine, improve your auditory and visual scanning, develop your instinct and intuition.
  • VERBAL PROTECTION: Get them to talk, persuade them to walk. Learn encroachment defense, defusing dialogues and how to de-escalate conflict.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL TACTICS: Use your environment to your advantage. Understand escape and evasion tactics through terrain advantages and improvised weapons.
  • PHYSICAL PROTECTION: Easy-to-learn and practical under the pressure of threat. Discover techniques that work for everyone but more importantly, techniques that you can rely on.

Be sure to check out our mission & philosophy for more information on our methodology and training approach.

How to Get Involved:

Introduction Self Defense - The Hard Target Seminar

If you don't know where to start, start here! Our award-winning Hard Target Seminar provides critical strategies and tools for dealing with real-world confrontation and violence. Quickly build your personal protection foundation and toolkit.

REAL Self Defense Core Program

Take your skills to a new depth and level with our weekly group classes. These ongoing classes accommodate beginner, intermediate, and advanced students and cover all REAL self-defense and personal protection modules.

Little Warriors–Kid's Program

Little Warriors is our REAL Self Defense and our functional Mixed Martial Arts taught for a child's perspective. In this ongoing program, kids learn practical martial arts with real-world application through play and games in a safe and encouraging environment.

Businesses and Organizations

We are proud to serve the community, including working with local, provincial, national, and international organizations. For practical skills and team building, consider a lively, engaging, and custom-fit seminar for your group or business.

Private or Semi-Private Instruction

Prefer one-on-one training on your own schedule? Private instruction is available with one of our expert coaches. Lessons are custom-fit to your short-term or long-term training goals.

Semi-private instruction is available for groups of 2 or more for those who would like to train with friends or family. This option also reduces the cost per individual, as the fee can be split between your group.

Above & Beyond: Non-Abusive Crisis Intervention & Prevention

Required certification for all staff working accredited human services programs.

Start your Wise Warrior journey. Call us to schedule a free gym tour and class!