Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

Citizen's Protection

A realistic protection plan and the physical tactics for dealing with confrontation and violence.

Mind Set

Enhancing protection awareness, trusting internal warning radar, threat recognition and threat management. A winning mind set to get you and your loved ones to safety.

Verbal Tactics

Recognizing verbal attack set ups, defensive negotiating postures and verbal diffusion techniques. Get them to talk, persuade them to walk.

Environmental Tactics

Escape and evasion, cover, barriers and shields, improvised weapons . . . and more. We show you how to use your surroundings to even the odds, avoid the attack and get to safety before it escalates to physical violence.

Physical Self-Defense Tactics

Easy to learn, adaptable to the situation, and work under the pressure of threat. Rely and apply. We give you techniques you can rely on and a trained course of action to apply them.

Legalities, negligence, and excessive force are discussed throughout all programs so that students will be equipped to defend themselves in a moral, ethical, responsible and reasonable manner.

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