Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

Above & Beyond: Non-Abusive Crisis Intervention & Prevention

Above & Beyond is a new standard in training for the goal of safe, responsible resolution of client aggression and violence.

Above and Beyond Training is based on reliable behavioral research which has been empirically tested and proven.

Training covers:

  • Proactive preventative skills
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Safe, functional individual or team transport and escort techniques
  • Industry standard, secure, reliable restraints
  • Training is flexible to accommodate different organizational policies and procedures.

Your clients have the right to their respect and dignity; your staff has the right to feel prepared and safe in dealing with client aggression.

Calen Paine is a certified instructor under, and co-teaches with, Dominic Hill, the founder and director of Above and Beyond Canadian Crisis Consulting LTD.

For information and booking seminars please visit – www.aboveandbeyondcrisis.com

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