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After this course: 100% of participants surveyed felt more confident, empowered, and prepared to defend themselves in a broad range of scenarios.

Become a Hard Target for Crime with the Hard Target Seminar

 One-day introduction self defense course
Effective for security and law enforcement
But designed for a citizen's perspective
 Covers the whole self: Awareness, verbal, environmental, & physical tactics
 Current Sign Up Special: 20% Off

Upcoming Date: Saturday February 29, 9am - 3pm

Event takes place at Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton at 12832-141 Street.

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Will this seminar cover my specific self defense needs and concerns?

In every scenario, there are key principles, concepts, strategies, and techniques that are fundamental to security and self-defense. "Less is more, core is more." And these core strategies will be covered in every seminar.

Our experience shows that this addresses the vast majority of concerns. There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask your specific questions, or you can speak with the instructor privately.

What's the difference between this seminar and your ongoing self defense classes?

In ongoing classes we cover more area, delve deeper, and work with students to hard wire in the techniques. Ongoing classes allow us to take students to a greater level of skill and confidence. 

This one-day seminar is the distilled, core foundation of the ongoing curriculum, providing a crash course with an immediate impact. You will walk out of the Hard Target seminar with crucial tools, new awareness, and a viable game plan.

Will there be strenuous physical activity?

No, the seminar is light to moderate activity suitable for most fitness levels. Everyone comes with different abilities and levels of fitness. As with all our training programs, everyone progresses at their own pace and level.

I have no background in any martial arts. Can I learn this?

The skills you will learn involve gross motor movements that are natural to your body. NO complicated techniques or finesse will be required from you. 

Generally people are pleasantly surprised at how easy and natural it is.

What is the format of the seminar?

Throughout the day we will alternate between lecture and physical training to keep you fresh and engaged. We have found this is the optimal format for learning and retention. It avoids overloading the mind with too much information at once, and avoids tiring the body with too many skills at once.

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We look forward to helping you become a Hard Target for crime!

Register for Saturday February 29, 9am - 3pm

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