Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

About Mixed Martial Arts Training Classes & Seminars in Edmonton

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most popular and effective sport combat systems in the world. Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton trains complete beginners to advanced practitioners in functional MMA with realistic street-sport crossover.

Why Get Involved in our Mixed Martial Arts Programs?

Fitness and Health

MMA is an excellent vehicle for producing superior results in multiple categories of physical fitness and health:

  • Strength (muscular endurance & power)
  • Cardio (endurance & stamina)
  • Coordination (mobility, agility, & balance)

We are built to move, and MMA is hard to beat as it engages the body on all planes through dynamic movement and many varied positions.

An all-encompassing, whole approach to Mixed Martial Arts

Most people think of MMA as two combatants in a ring or cage. Our Mixed Martial Arts definition focuses on all aspects of MMA, including: Life (well-being, health, and fitness), Street (real-world self-defense crossover), and Sport (technique, skill-building, and love for the combative arts).

Along with striking, clinch, and ground combat, we also have weapons classes.

You will have a blast training with us!

We take functionality, results, and expert skill development seriously. And we also want you to have a ton of fun while learning.

We have a fun, friendly, and inviting training atmosphere. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will feel welcome from the moment you walk through the door. We are proud of our nonjudgmental student attitude and the strong community spirit of our gym.

SAFETY is always number one.

Safety is always at the heart of our training. We utilize up-to-date, intelligent training approaches and train in a smart, progressive, SAFE manner.

MMA kickboxing at the Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

MMA clinch at Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

Being coached in BJJ/ground-fighting at Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

MMA Stand-up, Clinch, Ground, and Weapons at the Wise Warrior Gym

With all the variety offered in our Sport Combat MMA classes, you’ll never get bored.

  • Stand-Up – includes boxing only, kickboxing, dirty boxing
  • Clinch Combat – includes clinch entries, positions, striking, takedowns, trips
  • Ground Fighting – includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), jits with hits, ground & pound
  • Weapons Training – Include single stick, double stick, blade, tactical flashlight, collapsible baton, cane & staff

MMA will keep you challenged and engaged. There's always more to learn and new goals to set. We'd love to help you reach your training objectives and take you to new levels of skill.

How to Get Involved:

Mixed Martial Arts–Ongoing Group Classes

Our ongoing Mixed Martial Arts Sport Combat classes build confidence, fitness, and continuously refined skill development. Plus, our classes always feature relevant Street Sport Solutions, or real-world self-defense crossover. We welcome beginners through advanced levels, men and women, youth and adults, and all fitness levels.

Little Warriors–Kid's Program

Little Warriors is our REAL Self Defense and our functional Mixed Martial Arts taught for a child's perspective. In this ongoing program, kids learn practical martial arts with real-world application through play and games in a safe and encouraging environment.

Mixed Martial Arts Seminars

  • Weapons Combat Guild: A completely unique approach to Mixed Martial Arts—MMA with weapons. We incorporate pocket stick, short baton, and blade with stand-up, clinch, and ground.
  • Everyday Warrior: Integrating well-being, health & fitness with self defense, sport combat, and warrior philosophy.
  • Guest Seminars: Guest coaches in martial arts, well-being, health & fitness.

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Private or Semi-Private Instruction

Looking to enhance your skill development on a one-to-one basis? Private instruction is available on your own schedule with one of our expert coaches. Lessons are custom-fit to your short-term or long-term training goals.

Semi-private instruction is available for groups of 2 or more for those who would like to train with friends or family. This option also reduces the cost per individual, as the fee can be split between your group.

Start your Wise Warrior journey. Call us to schedule a free gym tour and class!