Wise Warrior Gym (formerly REAL Self Defense Center)

Why Choose Wise Warrior Gym?

Wise Warrior in Edmonton is more than a gym, it's a martial arts philosophy and lifestyle: Tap into your best self, increase your confidence, get into great shape, and learn valuable skills for life.

CEO looking stellar, Wise Warrior Gym, Edmonton

Train your body. Train your mind. Have fun.

Wise Warrior Gym is unique among martial art facilities. We are community-minded with a driving philosophy of health, wellness, effectiveness, and personal development. Our curriculum and coaching methodology has been continually tested and evolved for over 20 years to create the most effective training and environment for each student to excel.

Our Mission

“The Wise Warrior Gym is a training center and community for cultivating self-awareness, advancing personal well-being and fitness as well as facilitating student camaraderie. We believe the martial art and combative systems are the vehicles to achieve this." – Calen Paine, Wise Warrior & Owner, Edmonton

Training Objectives

About the Mission & Philosophy of the Wise Warrior Gym, Edmonton

The Wise Warrior Gym aims to:

  • Provide our training members with relevant and functional self-defense, personal protection and sport combat-mixed martial art training.
  • Ensure an enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling training experience.

Our Program Training Objectives:

REAL Self Defense

To enhance the student's survivability in real world confrontation and violence.

Sport Combat - Mixed Martial Arts

To produce a well-rounded, athletic mixed martial art combat practitioner.

Health & Well Being Fitness Training

To help students cultivate a healthy and fit lifestyle. To provide practices that advance and enrich the student’s well-being.

Martial Arts for the Mind – Awareness Path

To assist students in cultivating and developing a keen, all-encompassing awareness. To promote and facilitate the consistent practice of an introspective and contemplative lifestyle. 

To provide the student with concepts, strategies and tools for managing the challenges and stresses of life. To assist the student in deciding, choosing and designing the life they want to live.

  • Excellent course design by alternating passive and active activities. Calen makes everyone feel they can succeed.
    - Nina R.

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Approach to Training

Friendly & Inclusive Training Environment

We understand that sometimes the hardest part about joining a martial arts school is actually walking in the front door. From your first visit, you will feel welcomed and comfortable in our fun, friendly, and inviting training atmosphere.

We accommodate all ages (child to senior), all skill levels (beginner to advanced) and all fitness levels (out of shape to athletic) in a friendly atmosphere that cultivates a complete Martial Arts lifestyle.

We are proud of our nonjudgmental student attitude and the strong community spirit of our gym here in Edmonton. You will have a blast training with us!

We Cover It All

Get into the best shape of your life with our full spectrum of dynamic training in real world functional self-defense, mixed martial arts / sport combat, and martial art lifestyle training. We have so much to offer you’ll never get bored.

Safety is Always Number One

We do not use unsafe, outdated training methods. We train in a SMART, progressive and safe environment using our unique “Aliveness” training methodology. We promote controlled, graduated learning that produces martial artists with fine-tuned dials and reduces risk of injury and overtraining. You progress at your own pace and level.

Constantly Evolving Training System

We've got our programs down to an art and a science.

Although we have been teaching and training for over 20 years, we are constantly evolving towards relevant and functional training; the “truth in combat."

It is better to perfect key principles, strategies and techniques that work in most situations than have 500 techniques forgotten in battle. We won’t waste your time outdated training approaches and useless, antiquated techniques.

Unique "Aliveness" Training Methodology

All training is done with “Aliveness” which means that it is done with a resisting partner. All combative skill development is done safely with isolated, progressive, and gradually harder resistance and contact.

This is the only way the student can empirically test what will work for them. It also enables the student to troubleshoot and correct techniques they are drilling.

You will experience training with a focused, natural progression that allows for the most effective and intuitive learning. You will experience functionality class-by-class, drill-by-drill. You will experience what works.

We Give You Results & Steady Progress

Build a strong foundation and continue to evolve into advanced levels with the most relevant, functional techniques, our superior training approach, individualized feedback, and attentive guidance from our experienced coaches.

Whichever program you choose and whatever your reasons for training, Wise Warrior Gym will help you thrive.

Start your Wise Warrior journey. Call us to schedule a free gym tour and class!