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Calen Paine | Owner & Wise Warrior

One thing that sets Calen apart from other instructors is his expert ability to take information from a wide variety of sources and organize it into one of the most effective, functional, progressive learning and training systems to be found anywhere.

Calen Paine has participated in over 150 seminars and he continues to round out his training with continuous personal advancement, development, psychology, coaching and communications workshops. By conservative estimates, Calen has logged over 19,000 hours of teaching time, not to mention countless hours of personal training plus unceasing research and development.

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Calen Paine, Owner & Operator of Wise Warrior Gym, Edmonton

Calen Paine – Certifications & Credentials

Alberta Justice & Solicitor General – Accredited Instructor
April 2011 – Present

ABST (Alberta Security Training) requires security guard instructors understand use-of-force, handcuffing, baton, control and restraint defensive tactics.

 I.S.R. Matrix – Western Canada’s Regional Director & Board of Directors
January 2004 - Present

Certified Instructor Trainer and Field Instructors are authorized to certify instructors, teach ISR seminars, courses, clinics, workshops and privates.

Control Tactics & Survival System (CTSS) – Certified instructor
February 2011 - Present

Certified instructors are trained in use-of-force, control and restraint, handcuffing, collapsible baton, knife defense and ground fighting.

Calen also holds many instructor level certificates in other martial art and self-defense systems. These include 2 systems in filipino martial arts, elite level in S.M.A.R.T. self defense, Instructor Human Services Crisis Prevention, and Intervention.

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