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Why Choose Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton?

We know you there are lots of fitness training gyms in Edmonton to choose from and that's why you need to know about the commitment Wise Warrior makes to every member. We care about you. And we promise you the best self defense, mixed martial arts, and fitness training for both men and women in Edmonton!

Learn More About Our Philosophy 

Welcome to Wise Warrior Gym based in Edmonton, Alberta!

The Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton is a martial arts and self defense training center and community. We offer a broad range of classes, tools and equipment designed to cultivate self-awareness, advance personal well-being, improve fitness and facilitate student camaraderie. Discover how our martial art and combative systems can help you achieve this.

Wise Warrior Gym has reached it's 20th year and we're excited continue to help our community achieve their fitness goals and new heights of personal well-being.


We're celebrating 20 years at Wise Warrior Gym with an offer for new students.

» 50% OFF 3 Months of Training ($247 Savings!)
» FREE Registration ($60 Savings!)
» FREE Water Bottle

Wise Warrior Gym Savings Package

We're Proud to Have Served These Edmonton Organizations

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